Theme: “Renewed Hope”

LEM Mindfulness Association Kyambogo University alongside the Guidance and counseling unit of Kyambogo University in collaboration with the Tukule Foundation Symposium organized a mental health conference to celebrate the world mental health day on 10th October 2023 at the Central Teaching Facility (CTF) of Kyambogo University.

The Conference had various guest speakers that made the day colourful. Some of the speakers of the day included mostly the guest of honor who was Madam Irene Kauma, the key note speaker Dr Juliet Nakku, Executive Director Butabika Hospital who talked about mental health awareness and the ailing issues underlying. Madam Winfred Kyosaba talked about the common mental health challenges among students and how they can be addressed. The counseling psychologist Dr Kyosaba Biribonwa Winfred gave the opening remarks and conference introduction. The official opening remarks from the chief guest was led by the vice chancellor Kyambogo University representative. The Kubamba team led the Anthems and prayers to kick start off the event.

There were Topics discussed at the Panel during the mental health conference whereby some of the topics that were discussed included Sexual harassment and relationships among secondary school students, financial stress, Physical challenges/Disability and Nutrition and lastly Substance and Alcohol abuse. There were panel speakers that had to take on these various topics to elucidate more about them to the audience. Below are the names of the Panel speakers; Aber Isabella (Student Kyambogo University)

  • Pius Lubega (Student Kyambogo University)
  • Nanyanzi Shibah (Student Kyambogo University)
  • Ssekweyama Joseph (Student Kyambogo University)

This month is well known for mental health awareness and therefore, Mental Health is a universal right.

Aber Isabella discussed about what sexual harassment as unwelcoming behaviour with the purpose of violating the dignity of a person in exchange for sexual favours and the various forms of sexual harassment being in written form, verbal form, physical form, non-verbal form which greatly impacts the students’ mental health stability in one way or the other. She continued to stress out how the experience of sexual harassment impacts a student’s mental health whereby it leads to mental health related issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress due to the post-traumatic stress that that person went through causing all that kind of trauma therefore endangering their mental health wellness. In addition, Consent was though being very important in a relationship in such a way that it helps one respect each other’s boundaries upon reaching a certain degree of agreement by the parties.

Pius Lubega discussed about financial stress and how it can affect or impact ones social life, relationships and mental health stability. He continued to stress the challenges these people may face in the aftermath of the damage caused and the kind of initiative that can be taken to raise awareness about financial wellness and its link to mental health among students.

Ssekweyama Joseph explained the factors that contribute to the high prevalence of alcohol and other substance abuse among students and how these behaviours impact the student’s mental health stability. In addition, he stressed out how prevention and harm reduction strategies can be integrated into campus culture to address substance and alcohol abuse while supporting the mental health of students.

Nanyanzi Shibah as well talked about physical challenges/disability and Nutrition. She explained how physical challenges or disabilities interact with mental health and the specific challenges as a student has faced in terms of access to mental services and peers support. In elucidation to this, measures to be taken to ensure that campus facilities, programs and mental health services are fully placed.

According to what was discussed by the various speakers, these discussions were able to answer some of the questions being posed from the audience. The conference and its theme revolved around mental health wellness and how these challenges can be resolved in a meaningful wat to avoid all the effects of mental instability among students and university students.

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