After graduating in May 2022 and going through a deep depression because I couldn’t find a job right away, social misconceptions about being a graduate while I was at home made me feel alone and alienated from the community. LEM Mindfulness helped me find assistance and gave me a secure environment in which to interact with networks of others who could help me. I received psychiatric assistance and guidance from Dr. Martin Bakundana and the entire LEM Mindfulness family as I managed my spells of depression.

I am currently networking, reading life stories, working out, attending mental health conferences, and leading a healthy lifestyle in order to manage my mental health. I urge individuals to make mental health a priority in their everyday lives because I firmly believe that it is necessary for general health.

I presently work with LEM Mindfulness as a mental health advocate, and I always share my experience to encourage those who are facing mental health issues. Sharing life stories, in my opinion, can help people live full lives by enabling them to acknowledge their own difficulties and have faith that things will get better in due course.