I was first contacted to make a presentation about mental health and financial wellness to the LEM fraternity about 2 years ago. This first engagement has led to many more of such engagements and I have come to learn more about what LEM truly does and it’s amazing. Hosting over 30 online webinars and a further over 50 twitter spaces this year alone, LEM is truly taking the Mental Health Advocacy and Sensitisation campaign to another level. Hosting the best of the best in the industry,  engaging those with lived experiences sharing their tips on how to live positively, and engaging young University students is a truly amazing journey. In addition, through their physical mental health awareness campaigns that have seen them visit several schools in Kampala, Wakiso, Mbarara and Mitooma districts,  building mental health clubs in the process, there is real impact on the ground. All I can say is keep it up LEM.  I truly recommend any person interested in improving the mental health situation in Uganda and the world at large to join hands with LEM Mindfulness and support them in every way possible (financial, technical, volunteering,  etc). It makes a huge difference.