Being a mental health advocate has helped broaden my understanding of mental health in every aspect of it. Besides hosting virtual mental health shows both on X-Spaces and via streamyard has given me a much bigger platform to connect with individuals globally. This helps me to understand them both emotionally and psychologically as we take time to talk and listen to each other because with mental health, patience must be exercised.

I have been able to raise much awareness on the different mental health issues affecting mankind and I’m glad that my awareness hasn’t gone to waste as I have been approached by several people for an in-depth talk on the topics that I host on. Sharing my experiences has been the most thrilling part of my journey as a mental health advocate because it has opened up a part of me, I was always scared to show, a part that talks to people without fear, a part filled with courage.

Before I got into mental health advocacy, I had carried generational fears in me.  Fears that made me feel disfigured on the inside, fears that made me not initiate self-belief, fears that made me inadequate, fears that whispered incapability in my ears, fears that made feel unworthy of my own self.  It took a lot of courage, enthusiasm, determination, and unmatched persistence to break the chain of the fear that had taken over my being to ensure that I wear my crown without minding about who’s watching me or saying what.

All in all sparing my time for mental health has been an achievement I will always hold onto because it hasn’t only been for me but for the people around me as well.

One exciting moment I have met on this mental health advocacy journey is that people assume that I’m a therapist which I have had to explain severally but in vain. I have had to hear from so many people, listen to their stories and advise to seek professional help. It’s a fulfilling moment when people trust me and shade their fears away only to tell me the darker side of their lives with the utmost trust that there’s guaranteed confidentiality. I can’t remember how many people I have had to talk to but it’s so far, a journey worth every minute.

I have occasionally worked with different people on this journey to ensure that I fulfill my dream of spreading as much awareness as I can. One of the interesting and enthusiastic people I have worked with is Dr. Bakundana Martin the executive Director of LEM-MINDFULLNESS. Both Dr. Bakundana and I met in an online advocacy campaign where we carried matching interests and together, we’ve heightened the virtual mental health awareness campaign where I have severally hosted him on X-Spaces to talk about different mental health issues affecting the communities in which we operate. His submissions on mental health have impacted many lives out there to an extent that so many lives out there I believe since our goal is to reach as many numbers as possible.